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Lat stretches for flexibility of back muscles for fast results. It really helps in extending muscle fibers. Procedures explained in detailed with pictures.


Lat stretches -

Quadricep stretches to avoid cramps while doing workouts, Quadriceps stretches explained in detailed with step by step procedures and pictures illustrations


Quadricep stretches -

Abductor Stretch to performing before heavy back exercises, Abductor Stretch done for loosen the hip muscle fibers to fasten the workout results.


Abductor Stretch -

Different types of no equipment Glute stretches from certified fitness experts, explained in detailed manner along with picture illustrations.

Glute stretches -

The simple shoulder stretches used for warm up and muscle flexibility, illustrated with step by step procedures and pictures in detailed manner.

Shoulder Stretches -

Hamstring stretch for warm up and better athlete performance. Different exercises in hamstring stretch has been explained detail with procedural pictures.

Hamstring stretch -

Middle back stretches to relief back pain and relax the back muscle before hitting the weights at gym.Demonstrated with execution steps and picture guides.

Middle Back Stretches -

Chest stretches performed without any equipment s.The Chest Stretches which are most preferred by professional fitness experts, explained with pictures.

Chest Stretches -

calf stretch exercises for stretch and flex calf muscles pre and post workout.The calf stretch has been detail explained with picture illustrations.

Calf stretch -

Arm Stretches for flexibility and extending the muscle fibers for more better performance. Arm Stretches procedures are explain in detail with pictures.

Arm Stretches -