ZUMTHOR-PETER-CHUR-ROMAN-RUINS-18.jpg Maqueta perfecta para materiales y sistemas de construccion

Detail model Shelters for Roman Archaeological Site - Atelier Peter Zumthor

Architectural detail model by Positive_Tension, via Flickr

A sectional detail model for my final year project in Continuity in Architecture, msa.

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arkitekcher:  Kew House | Piercy & Company     - This 4 bedroom family home in the Kew Green Conservation Area of Richmond-Upon-Thames draws on the adjacent Royal Kew Gardens and original vernacular buildings for guidance. Inserting a crisp weathering steel volume into a 19th century brick shell, it balances the demands of a contemporary family home with the needs of the Conservation Area.

Representing a section through book form is an awesome way to let the client flip through the different sections of their home. I think this is a pretty genius idea and, with a laser cutter, would not be that hard to make. __ This is awesome!

physical exploded diagram (model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Herbert Jacobs House

Frank Lloyd Wright

Model is more interesting than FLW's design. Model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Herbert Jacobs House Madison, Wisc., exploded model developed by Situ Studio, Brooklyn for Guggenheim Museum Exhibition