Indian art paintings

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a painting of buddhas sitting in the grass with trees and mountains behind them, all looking at one another
Every Person Has 4 Wives And Husbands In Their Life, According To Buddha...
Gautama Buddha said that each person has 4 wives or husbands in their lives. To understand what he meant you should first read the short story of ‘A Man and His Four Wives.’ “Once there was a man who had four wives. According to the social system and circumstances of ancient India, it was possible …
an image of lord rama with his bow and arrow in the forest, surrounded by other people
Ramayana2, Oleg Mironishin
three men sitting in front of a tree with an open book on the ground next to them
the buddha is surrounded by many different items in his body, including hands and feet
two men are fighting with swords in the sky