King painting

70 Pins
an image of a fantasy scene with water and rocks
an aerial view of a city in the fog
23. அருணாசல அட்சர மணமாலை
a close up of a person holding an object in their hand with light coming from behind it
an old painting with two people sitting on the ground next to a tree and one is holding a lit candle
an artistic painting of a woman dancing with her hands in the air and holding a lamp
Meaning & Significance of Maha Shivaratri - Mantra Sastra
an oil painting of people riding horses on a road with trees in the background and one man pointing at something
Maharaja Surajmal Photo
two men standing next to each other near a horse
‘வெண்முரசு’ – நூல் மூன்று – ‘வண்ணக்கடல்’ – 50
a man standing on top of a rock next to a giant body of water in the sky
Rudra Abhishek