Curiosity approach and loose parts

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the table is covered with plants and other items for display in front of a wall
observação e registro/folhas/natureza/Réggio Emília/educação infantil
observation and recording/leaves/nature/Réggio Emília/childhood education
three children sitting on the ground playing with their numbers and counting game pieces in front of them
Rigor in a Reggio Inspired Kindergarten Literacy Program
an egg suncather is sitting on the table with flowers and leaves in it
Nature Egg Suncatchers
Nature suncatchers make the perfect window decor. Add some seasonal touches by using specific shaped frames. For Easter we chose to use egg frames. Repurpose dried flowers or collect nature pieces of your own. Set out the pieces for the perfect process art activity for any age.
there are many blue beads on display in the glass case at this market stall that sells them
Inquiring About What Makes Something Sink or Float
Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: Inquiring About What Makes Something Sink or Float