As your teen ventures into an active social and academic life, it may seem like it’s all fun and games. In reality, your teen is faced with daily pressures and unique stresses that many parents don’t realize.

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Dark elbows are often not a pretty sight. Women in particular often cover them up because they are embarrassed to show them off.

An ingrown hair is one that turns inward and is stuck under the skin. It could become irritating or painful and thus you may want to learn how to get rid of ingrown hairs.

The question of whether to go with gel or acrylic nails is one on the minds of many women. You may want to try gel nails then decide you don’t like them, or you might change your mind later and go for another style. Before getting gel nails, carefully consider the following.

Hoarding is a disorder where the person does not throw things out of some deep fear or insecurity and hence has a pile of junk, which he or she is not ready to let go off. Hoarding does not only affect the person suffering from it, it also affects the people living in the house with a hoarder. Psychologists say that hoarding is an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and it can have a deep impact on the personality of people who live around a hoarder.

Some of the most appealing characteristics of toddlers are their eagerness to help and their ability to learn things quickly. Unfortunately, their short attention spans require lessons to be brief and entertaining Welcome to Stylesvogue! Find here unique collection of latest fashion, beauty and hairstyle stuff 24/7. Stylesvogue is an online fashion community website to update you about latest happenings in fashion 2014. Fashion designers and beauticians are trying to introduce new fashioning stuff 2014 to meet the demands in coming year.

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