Cloud Investigator

Weather Window: Cloud Identification and Weather Prediction Activity Kit

Here's a great way to teach about cloud identification and classification! Weather Window cloud identification and weather prediction activity kit

Tie ribbons to a hula hoop and hang from the ceiling of your reading area.

36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

How to make a ribbon chandelier! (Hula hoop & ribbon) party decor or in a kids room! Or make a huge one from a hoola-hoop and keep it hung from a tree or patio area for the kids to enjoy and play with --

Sink or Float

Buoyancy Bring a basket of loose parts, natural materials and other pieces to the water table. First ask them to guess which sink or float and then ask them to see if they were right or not.This activity is good to see how materials interact with water.

Student pulls a magnetic letter out of bag, puts it on board, everyone marks charts with bingo dot

Pull a magnetic letter out a a bag and use a bingo marker to mark it off your sheet. Or pull out the capital letter and they have to mark the lowercase on the sheet. OR give a word and the have to mark the beginning letter sound.

Addition Ideas.

Peg-A-Number Fact is a fun maths game that allows kids to practise basic numbers sums and encourage the use of strategies to solve these problems.

18 FREE Word Sliders! Pefect for teaching word families! Use in literacy centers or during small group instruction

Recommended Thanks to Julie Van Alst, you'll receive 18 colorful word family sliders when you print this activity! Ideal for small group instruction when teaching your students to identify "chunks" in words.

Robbie's addition cups. Make with foam sheets and craft sticks (both from the Dollar Tree).

Current Math Shelves ~ The Linton Academy Homeschool Could use to memorize multiplication and division also.

reception classroom displays - Google Search

Number formation display I think this is fabulous for engaging the boys.introduce one number at a time and slowly build it up.

Exploring doubles- they've loved this today :)

Exploring doubles- Australian Curriculum - Year 2 - - Solve simple addition & subtraction problems using a range of efficient mental & written strategies Commutative Property, Building to Doubles, Tens facts, Adding 10