Potato Printing Monsters for everyday fun. Perfect for a our Toys Cambridge English unit.

Potato Printing Monsters for everyday fun

Construction with Aluminium Foil

Engineering With Aluminium Foil (STEM Activities)

Terrific Traffic Lights! - Good crafty idea for Road safety week in the UK 18th Nov

Color Matching Activity - Traffic Light

Paper tape roads (",) Could we do this in the tuff spot?

DIY Paper Tape Roads

Een tafel die over is hergebruiken. Make a simple paper tape road to encourage imagination and play. My kids never play with little cars, and this did the trick to help them try something new.

Practice 1:1 correspondence with this counting activity

Crown Counting Cards

Identity crisis? No, I'm a primary school teacher!: Racing to understand place value in EYFS

MEASUREMENT understand place value in EYFS. But, for preschool, simply measuring the distance traveled. closest to the tube, furthest, etc.

If your kids feel like math and fun don't go together, we've put together 25 ways to have more fun with math for kids of all ages!

25 Ways to Have Fun with Math

Does your kid love toy cars? Use this math game to get them to learning math with their favorite toys! Material: painter's tape, sharpie (marker), and lots of toy cars via What Do We Do All Day

Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog: Back to School Ideas

I decided to start posting a few of my favorite back to school lessons. Read ABC Kids by Laura Ellen Williams and take photographs to make.