Bookkeeping guide for beginners for the small business owner, or students, or bookkeepers. How bookkeeping works, double entry bookkeeping, single entry…
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a blue plate with the words, what is sales tax? and an image of a cup
What is Sales Tax
Sales tax is a consumer tax charged at the point of sale to your customers. As a business owner or bookkeeper, it is your responsibility to find out how to calculate sales tax, what the percentage rates are in your location, to track how much sales tax you collect, to file a sales tax return and to pay the sales tax to your local tax authorities. Bookkeeping software can help you automate this process and diarizing key dates will help you stay on top of your obligations to avoid penalties.
the top five types of bookkeepering accounts that help you create essential business reports
Five main types of bookkeeping accounts
The five main types of bookkeeping accounts that help you create essential business reports. They also help keep your financial transactions (receiving income or spending money) in a well organized system. Knowing about them will give you confidence in conversations with your financial advisors and help you manage your financials with clarity.
a woman typing on a computer with the text 9 reasons a bookkeepering system involves the life of your business and helps you sleep at night
The Importance of a Bookkeeping System
9 key reasons for the importance of a bookkeeping system to encourage you to stay on top of your bookkeeping knowing that there are benefits and good outcomes to be gained. Some reasons include: Helping you to gear up for tax season, enhancing your decision making, supporting your business growth, staying profitable and more.
a notebook with the title is book keeping hard to do? tips for start ups and career - seekings
Is Bookkeeping Hard to Do?
As with any new skill, bookkeeping may seem hard at first but it depends on your existing skills and strengths and how much time you have to learn it. An introduction of the basics will soon help you decide just how hard, or easy!, it is for you to get into it. Whether you are a small biz owner doing your own books at the start for budget reasons, or somebody who wants to do it as a career, these pointers will help you along your way.
Bookkeeping Spreadsheet - A simple Excel workbook to record income and expenses. Bookkeeping Spreadsheet, Financial Intelligence, Book Keeping, Business Bookkeeping, Small Business Finance
Simple Bookkeeping Spreadsheet in Excel
If you're self-employed and need an easy way to record the income and expenses for your little business without worrying about too many details or having to track bank balances then this bookkeeping spreadsheet might suit you.
a tablet with the words how a budget helps a business to manage their money
Business Budget
Why a business budget is helpful and worthwhile doing. Find out what should be in a budget, some common phrases, estimating costs and how and where to prepare one. It's simpler than you think.
Building Business Budget Budget Guide, Lay Out, Seasonal Changes, Building Business, Business Basics
Building a Business Budget
Building business budget tips for the first time for 1 month and annually. How to select and lay-out names, allocate amounts and account for seasonal changes...
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Loan Journal Entry
Here are 15 loan journal entries in bookkeeping for PPP loan forgiveness, bank loans, car loans, intercompany loans and interest. When you use bookkeeping software you don't see the automatic journal entries that happen in the "background" when reconciling your bank accounts. Entering a manual journal is handy for adjusting your books without affecting the bank accounts, like when you need to move a transaction from one account category to another like with the loan forgiveness. #bookkeeping
a woman typing on her laptop with the words accounts receivable ledger
Accounts Receivable Ledger in Excel
Use this Excel template to track your unpaid sales invoices and see at a glance how much your customers owe you. #exceltemplate #bookkeeping #ledger
a person typing on a calculator with the words how to use a journal entry in business bookkeeping
Journal Entries
How to use journal entries in your bookkeeping software to help you enter transactions; most helpful for when you use personal money to pay for business expenses and need to know how to enter them in to your software. Your accountant will love you. #accountingjournals #bookkeeping
a coffee cup with the words, day to day bookkeeping for new small businesses how to get started and what comes after that
Day to Day Bookkeeping
How to setup and get started with day to day bookkeeping for new small businesses or self-employed solopreneurs.
a pink desk with the words how a chart of accounts is used to organize business info
What Is A Chart of Accounts?
A chart of accounts is the place where accounts are created and maintained in a bookkeeping system. This list helps a business to classify all its financial transactions into specific account categories. Some accounts can be used as headings and some as sub-accounts to help a business owner get their accounts super organized. See a standard chart and how to find it in bookkeeping software. #bookkeeping #startups #accountcategories
a pile of books with the title how the general leder accounts are used in bookkeepering
General Ledger Accounts in Bookkeeping
General ledger accounts are the place where all the financial transactions of a business are contained - so all your income and expenses. Each payment is allocated to an account. Bookkeepers shorten it to GL when speaking of it. A GL summary will show every account name with its balance; bookkeeping software will also show if the balance is a debit or credit (that's a whole other story!). Important business reports, like an Income Statement, get the information from the GL accounts. #bookkeeping
the book cover for easy bookkeeping using the single - entry method in a cashbook
Easy Bookkeeping
Easy bookkeeping for recording your business income and expenses using a single entry bookkeeping cash book - it's free and easy to set up. #bookkeeping #bookkeepingforsmallbusiness #bookkeepingforbeginners
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Calculate Markup
How to calculate markup prices on the products you buy, make and sell and to set your selling prices to cover your business costs and make a profit.