Number formation display I think this is fabulous for engaging the boys. I would probably introduce one number at a time and slowly build it up.

Number formation display- could say articulation targets that many times. Cool idea for preschool speech therapy

cucumber boats! I would add some low fat cottage cheese, and some carrot sailors. Very cute and healthy.

13 Fun Party Ideas

Cucumber Boats Idea (garden cucumber, bell pepper, toothpick & your fave creamy corn salad) (fruit art kids recipes for)

These jelly boats are one of the most popular party foods that I make. Everyone is intrigued to find out how they are made and even the sails are edible!

Jelly Boats

Jelly (Jello) Boats are a very popular kids party food - even the sails are edible as they are made with rice paper!

Easy Breezy: Preschool Crafts

Easy Breezy: Preschool Crafts Stop light edible - could do a writing sequence instructions… Perfect for transportation unit

Maths invitation with loose parts and numerals

Maths invitation with loose parts and numerals Key Stage 1 provision Year 1