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Dr. K.S. Karanth is considered to be one of the foremost authorities on Yakshagana.Since as early as 1930 he had begun studies on its many facets like--the dance, music, and literature.He led the way to a deep and  systematic study of this art form   by studying every Yakshagana manuscript he could acquire,the earliest back to A.D.1651.He  put together his findings in the form of two    standard books Yakshagana-Bayalata in Kannada,and Yakshagana in Kannada and English.  (Deepika)

A seminar on the works of Kota Shivaram Karanth will be held at Ravindra Kalabhavan here on September It is being organised by Mangalore University's Dr. Shivaram Karanth Chair and the Universi

U R Anant Murthy: Born in 1932, at Melige, a remote Village in Tirthahalli Taluk, in Shimoga District. Dr. Udupi Rajagopala Acharya Anantha Murthy had his early Sanskrit education in a traditional Patashala. He has been the winner of a number of awards both from the Government and also Academies for his invaluable contributions in different fields. Notable are the ‘Jnanapeeta Award won in 1994 and the Padma Bhushana in 1998.                                 (Deepika)

"You can call yourself a successful writer only when you go beyond your comfort zone.’’ Jnanpith awardee U. Ananthamurthy’s demise has left an intellectual void. WRF Goa, remembers this tall intellectual from Bengaluru.

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Raga Alapana is divided into three parts one of them is Akshipthika .