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Art for Offices

Big space, small space, art for your wall or for your desk or shelves. Here are some of our recommendations to decorate, brighten or even bring calm to your work space. You can also see examples of where Belgravia Gallery art has been placed around the world, in offices, restaurants, hotels and the rest.
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Muhammed Ali | Oil on Polymer | £8,500 | This Muhammed Ali is from the 1996 "When We Were Kings" documentary of the fight between Ali and George Foreman in Zaire in 1974. Muhammed Ali wins this incredible fight against overwhelming odds. The painting is taken from a scene when he is training and the camera captures the determination in his eyes, and shows his mental strength and his faith - which lead him to an inspiring victory.


Yvonne Barlow | Ascension | 69 x 96 inches | Oil on Canvas | During WWII Yvonne remained in London although the art school she attended was evacuated to Northampton. Yvonne always carried a sketchbook, pen and a bottle of ink wherever she went - she sketched people in the street, museums and shops. Yvonne was at that time particularly influenced by Cezanne, Lautrec, Goya and Rembrandt.


Nelson Mandela's works, Impressions of Africa (Black and White), The Hand of Africa and Impressions of Africa (Colour) in the Hamilton Princess Hotel, Bermuda


Monroe Hodder | Other Worlds II | Watercolour & Oil Monotype | 30 x 25 inches | £2,500

CW Simpson | Watermeadows Guildford | Oil on Canvas | 38 X 28 INCHES | £12,000 | Simpson (1885 - 1971) was a friend of John Ruskin, though he planned to pursue a career in the army, an unfortunate riding accident prevented it. He went to Paris instead and studied art. His talents were immediately recognised and he was exhibited at the Paris Salon. In 1915 he won a gold medal at the Panama International Exposition in San Francisco.

Monroe Hodder | Other World IX | Watercolour & Oil Monotype | 30 x 25 inches | £2,500

Trish Wylie | Six of the Seven, Red | 58 x 72 cm | Watercolour and ink on paper |

Trish Wylie | Four of the Seven (of the Magnificent Seven) | Original Watercolour | 117 x 88 cm

Monroe Hodder | Other Worlds X | Watercolour and Oil Monotype | 3- x 25 inches | £2,500