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Saskia Spring Bouquet Necklace £15.00 Make a bold statement with our spring bouquet design necklace. The necklace features several contrasting coloured gemstones and a variety of different types of flowers. The assortment of colours makes it easy to accessorise a number of different outfits – a vibrant accessory to give any outfit a burst of personality.


Charlotte Sumptuous Necklace £12.00 Green is an incredibly versatile colour, with the ability to match almost any other colour. This floral design necklace would compliment casual outfits, office attire, as well as formalwear. The multiple shades of green are easy on the eye, with the added bit of sparkle to catch the attention of your audience.

Rachel Floral Embelished Necklace £8.00 The perfect accessory for the lady with a passion for pink. This enticing necklace has been created with a floral design featuring pink, green and clear gemstones. The colours work together to create a necklace that has plenty of character and vibrancy, whilst being versatile enough to accessorise a variety of formal and informal outfits.

Scarlett Charming Pearl and Clear Necklace £8.00 Pearls are said to symbolise purity, integrity, and loyalty, and also has a calming effect for the wearer, the perfect necklace for the lady seeking something with an abundance of charm. The necklace features clear and pearl stones and would be especially complimentary to darker coloured outfits.

Courteney Adorable Floral Necklace £15.00 Some ladies like a little character in their accessories and this necklace is overflowing with it. The floral design is created using peach coloured stones alongside clear sparkling gems, which catch the light and turn heads wherever worn. Peach compliments a range of colours, making it easy to accessorize many different outfits.