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Zara Classic Curb Chain Necklace £12.00 This quirky floral design necklace is perfect for jazzing a work outfit up and any other outfit for that matter. Green is a colour that can be matched with almost any other colour and still look flawless. On top of the green stones in a flower pattern, is three separate stones in a triangular shape, simple yet beautiful.

Zara Classic Curb Chain Necklace

Sadie Multicolour Gem Necklace £12.00 Green is said to be calming and seductive, everything that this enticing necklace is. The necklace has three rows of colour; yellow, slightly bigger pink gems and finally, oval green stones that steal the limelight and captivate their audience. The necklace can be worn with formal and informal outfits.

Sadie Multicolour Gem Necklace

Rebecca Stunning Green and Clear Gem Necklace £12.00 This stunning necklace is popular not only eveningwear, but also office wear. The elegant splash of green adds life into even the dullest of suits. The necklace would work exceptionally well when matched with a bracelet and earrings, although it works perfectly as a stand-alone accessory for a subtle look.

Rebecca Stunning Green and Clear Gem Necklace

Grace Emerald Green and Diamante Necklace £12.00 This graceful little number may suit a lady with a passion for the outdoors. The necklace has been created in a leaf design, which is accentuated by gorgeous, scattered emerald green stones. The necklace can be worn for everyday use, it would, however, make a great evening necklace to show off the neckline on a night out and it’s certainly a date-worthy accessory.

Grace Emerald Green and Diamante Necklace

Gabrielle Alluring Necklace £8.00 Make a statement with this gorgeous chain. Not only is the chain itself pretty impressive with its solid frame, the large stones decorating it are certainly bringing their own charm. The green stones of the necklace look particularly attractive against the gold chain, a pretty evening necklace but perfectly suitable for everyday diva usage.

Gabrielle Alluring Necklace

Charlotte Sumptuous Necklace £12.00 Green is an incredibly versatile colour, with the ability to match almost any other colour. This floral design necklace would compliment casual outfits, office attire, as well as formalwear. The multiple shades of green are easy on the eye, with the added bit of sparkle to catch the attention of your audience.

Charlotte Sumptuous Necklace

Coco Elegance necklace £8.00 This glamorous necklace is a picture of style and fashion. Featuring four gold strips with a net pattern engraved into them, separating five large gemstones. The larger gemstones are what really attract an audience, with their elegant peacock colours of red into green, a great necklace for an evening out but can be used everyday.

Coco Elegance necklace