#KnowYourFabric: Crepe is a sheer and elegant fabric, typically with a crumpled or pebbled structure. Its graceful drape makes it the perfect pick for a variety of ethnic wear like kurtis and sarees.

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#KnowYourFabric Cotton, a natural fabric, is lightweight & comfortable to wear and can easily be tailored to suit your style.

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#KnowYourFabric: Georgette is a light-weight,crinkled sheer fabric. It is made with highly twisted yarns. Georgette looks the best with gown and sarees because of its flowy characteristic.

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#KnowYourFabric: Brocade is a heavy, thick jacquard fabric with an overall interwoven pattern or floral design that gives your dress a rich feel and exquisite look!

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#KnowYourFabric: A natural protein fiber, silk is a luxurious fabric that is used for a versatile range of apparel. Along with its durable nature, it’s also one of the most comfortable fabrics in the world. What’s your favourite silk outfit?

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#KnowYourFabric Linen, a woven fabric is one of the oldest textiles in the world. Its lightweight, strong & durable characteristic makes it the best choice for summers.

#KnowYourFabric Velvet is often known for its rich texture and luxurious softness. Velvet, being a visually gorgeous fabric, adds a touch of sophistication and royalty to your look.

#KnowYourFabric Satin is a sleek & glossy fabric. It is the perfect choice for elegant bridal dresses & delicate kurtis.

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