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a large bathroom with a walk in shower next to a bathtub and double sinks
To create a sophisticated look, choose lighter browns and shades of cream, such as ivory - these are warm and yet not overwhelming. If you prefer neutral, add pops of color with linens, accessories, and decorative items.
a bathroom set consisting of soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and soap dish
Berger Priyo Pujo
One of the most used rooms in the house, give your bathroom a fresh, chic makeover without blowing a hole in your pocket or compromising on style. #Bathrooms #BathsWeLike
the bathroom is clean and ready for us to use
Berger Priyo Pujo
Imagine stepping into a bathroom that reminds you of the great outdoors yet keeping your privacy intact. There are several ways to do up your bathroom to add that natural, forest-like touch. #Bathrooms #BathsWeLike #Natural #HomeDecor
a green shower head with lights hanging from it's sides and water droplets on the ceiling
Berger Priyo Pujo
Colours influence your mood with mellow blues soothing you and warm bright colours charging you up. This LED showerhead throws colours depending on the temperature of the water! #Bathrooms #BathsWeLike #Colours #HomeDecor #LED
a bathroom with green and white tiles on the floor, sink, toilet and bathtub
Berger Priyo Pujo
Sprucing up a small, dull-looking bathroom can brighten up your day! While you may not be looking at tearing out tiles or changing fittings, you could consider a new paint job for a fresh new look. #Bathrooms #BathsWeLike #Paint #Colours #HomeDecor