Cronfa, the last light before the Blue hour. captured in March and still a chill wind blows down the Elan valley on to the water feeding Lake Cronfa. A popular spot for sunset gazers and image makers.

Waylands Beech

Waylands Mighty Beech, before the prune. They look different today, so never miss an opportunity to get images that change over time, once they change, it's gone forever.

Howden Contrails

A Weather forecast for fine weather, pushed me out the door. I decided to head up to the Ladybower reservoir in the Peak District.

Nine Stones Close

Nine Stones Close, a stone circle not far from Robin hood stride, in the peak district national park.

Black &White  Waylands

If your planning to visit Wayland Smithy to photograph the stones, make the most of the late Autumn sun, the late afternoon Sun will give you a better Illumination on the four main standing stones around the entrance.