How to Get a Six Pack: The Ultimate Guide to Solid Abs

Abdominal Workout Plan to Help You Build Strong, Flat Abs- Tone, Tighten, Firm & Strengthen Your Abs

5 Intense Workouts Guaranteed to Give You Results

It’s no secret that these days we’re not getting enough exercise. With these 5 intense workouts, you'll definitely be on track to getting enough exercise!

Best Dumbbell Exercises

These are the best dumbbell exercises that certainly can't be replicated with a barbell or machine. Work them into your routine and enjoy the results.

Bodybuilding transformation tips

Six pack abs is something that 8 out of 10 men aim at nowadays. It is very imperative to maintain a healthy and well toned body not only for the proper

Indoor Cycling

RealRyder® Indoor Cycling: A Cardio Revolution

PumpUp App: New Workout App for a New Year

PumpUp App for iPhone and coming soon to Android is a new, personalized workout app that adapts to you. PumpUp launches just in time for the new year!

Why Abdominal Muscles Make You Strong

Six- Packs Abs is a pre-cellulite phenomenon. Six Pack Abs, whenever you hear these words. First thing comes to most of the people‘s mind strong muscles and

Zumba Class!

Head to my Zumba class first thing in the morning to get fit and to have a blast. Stitch fix clothes are more fun to put on when you feel great about a work out! Plus, I have to work off all the football goodies I'm going to eat later.

Running Events: Five Fresh 5k Races

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Become Physically and Mentally Fit this New Year @Chobani

We’re almost a month into the new year and I’m excited that I’ve partnered with Chobani Simply 100 Crunch to let you know some fun ways to burn 100 calories. You can jog for 9 minutes, ski for 10 minu(Minutes 100 Calories)

Zumba at Falmouth Festivals

Falmouth has the third-deepest natural harbour on Earth, and is home to some famous Falmouth festivals including Falmouth Oyster Festival and Spring Festival.

Zumba Fitness Logo

Come on out and join us! We can't remember the steps, but we have a lot of fun! :D