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1st g artists looked at the still life paintings of Cezanne. talked about why artists draw still lives--to practice. discussed how artists draw still lives--by looking, observing & finding simple shapes. Each table had an old soup can full of 8 different art supplies--brushes, pencils, markers, etc. We then observed. Which object is tallest, shortest, widest, narrowest? What shapes can we find in the pencil? We talked about overlapping. We used lots triangles, rectangles & ovals to draw…

The Art Room: First Grade Still lives

I do want to create a Sea Shell Journal with watercolor sketches like this. I could start with my favorite shells that we have already collected and then take it with me on future trips with shell collecting and doodling potential. -CAB

alisaburke: a peek inside my sketchbook- back to the beach

Perceptions of identity: IB Art

Pencil Drawing "Found object" sketching exercise

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