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a toy house with cars painted on the side and windows in the top half, next to a wooden floor
Dollshouses aren’t just for girls
#dollhouseforboys #unisexdollshouse #vintagecargarage https://www.instagram.com/p/B3ZC0ZXnWNW/?igshid=1xzffq33vm1xe
a doll house with stairs and a plant in the corner, on top of a hard wood floor
Dollhouse for boys- made into a vintage car garage
#dollhouse renovated into a vintage car garage suitable for boys and girls ❤️
a large doll house with many windows on the front and side of it, sitting on top of a hard wood floor
Giant dollhouse Farrow and Ball Blue ❤️
Renovated dollhouse that was broken and second hand. Now back to its best after a full makeover #dollshouse #dollhouse #farrowandball
a black and gold play kitchen in front of a brick wall, with a potted plant next to it
Mini kitchen replica. Farrow and Ball.
Made to match a life sized kitchen #duktighack #ikeakitchenhack #playkitchen
the dollhouse is made out of cardboard and has windows, doors, and shelves
Hand painted modern dollhouse interior
Hand made doll house with detailed interior. #dollhouseminiatures #dollhouse #dollshouse
a doll house with windows and plants in the front
Hand decorated dollhouse
Farrow and ball hand painted dollhouse with handmade window boxes 🥰 #dollshouse #dollhouse
a toy tricycle sitting on top of a carpeted floor next to a wall
Evan’s balance bike
#balancebike #pimpmybike #vespa #handmade #DIY
a small tricycle sitting against a wall with the name evan on it's side
Evan’s balance bike. Follow @shiftabrick on Instagram for other house projects 🥰
#balancebike #gotitongumtree #DIY
three different views of an electric scooter with the seat folded down and side by side
Evan’s balance bike
Bought for £5 from Gumtree and pimped up. #beforeandafter #balancebike #pimpmybike #firstbike #vespa