Lovely area for small world play outdoors from 'Erin' - image shared by Five Star Family Day Care Maitland (",)
I love this homemade scale at Baxter Pre School Inc. - image shared by Natural Play for Children (",)
Make an outdoor music wall. Perfect solution for children who want to BANG and experiment with sound, in an area that is less aurally-offensive to others in the class.
This blog has many ideas for outdoor instruments, including this suggestion that uses PVC piping.
Set the stage for imaginative play outdoors with small play garden spaces. Great ideas for kids' play spaces in the backyard.
We could up cycle the hooks thingy we found in the shed? This would be awesome fun- portable messy play kitchen
Take Aim! I would stick or write the numbers on a wall and then use a wet sponge to throw at the numbers.
@Megan Ward Ward Mattivi I want to do a water wall like this on the fence on the playground at BQ this summer!!! HOW FUN!!! Water Wall | Pre-school Play
Ooo... Conkers, egg boxes and ramps! Autumn, here we come!
Watch as the ball travels through tubes, pipes and chutes. A Tracking Panel on your outdoor preschool playground allows children to observe and demonstrate directional words. They can visually track the object as it goes fast, faster and slower. When children use a variety of objects and compare the speed of travel, they learn about physical properties and cause and effect. The Tracking Panel is also available in cedar for your natural playground.

More ideas
Old kitchen utensils up cycled into a music station for kids.
Abacus on a fence (or wall)
Ball run backyard
outdoor play areas
Now wouldn't every kid love to have this interactive art sculpture made of pvc pipes in their back yard?
DIY Recycled Outdoor toys made from plastic chairs - via Mummy Musings and Mayhem
Interactive elements, Infinite Edge, UK
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Play Learning Life spotted some gorgeous crate yachts
I love this outdoor music area, this show a good example of bring indoor learning to the outdoors.