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Number and Letter Sequencing


The children changed the letter game to numbers ... added a timer and some dice and made a great game of ordering numbers to 10 using tweezers! LH

maths games for autumn

Love this idea to paint on some numbers onto leaves for chn to order or place that many conkers on etc

Write the numbers 0-10 on a set of lolly sticks. To add extra support, draw dots on the lolly sticks to match the number written on them. Children line up the numbers and stick them in the playdough (",)

Learn Through Movement - Number Hunt

Number Hunt - numbered craft sticks hidden in yard, find all then put in order in dirt box

£1 for 20 Christmas cups from the Pound Shop! Put them in order... close your eyes..... take one away... whats missing? close your eyes ... swap 2 over.... whats wrong? Using just cups 1 - 5 (initially) hide the christmas bell under one.... give clue to your friends... its under an odd number, even, 1 and 3 add up to this, double 2 etc! we've had great fun....