Gwen John, (1876-1939) - Self Portrait 1899

Gwen John by Gwendolen Mary ('Gwen') John oil on canvas, circa 1900 24 in. mm x 378 mm) relationship with Rodin

Chloe Boughton Leigh, 1904-1908  Gwen John

Chloë Boughton-Leigh Gwen John (Welsh, Oil paint on canvas. The portrait shown here is of a Paris friend, Chloë Boughton-Leigh. The subdued colouring, short foreground and.

(not identified), Gwen John

(not identified), Gwen John. Literally takes my breath.

Gwen John

Wooden Post: A Gwen John Painting

Gwen John

Woman Sewing at a Window - Gwen John British Post-impressionism