Aubergine lasagne

Aubergine Lasagne by Jamie Oliver. It has the same vibe as a Greek moussaka, but uses pasta rather than potatoes in the layering, making it more of a lasagne bake. The fresh sheets you can buy in supermarkets are very good and well worth using.

Tagliatelle with spinach, mascarpone and Parmesan

Veggie chilli

Vege Chilli, Crunchy Tortilla & Avocado Salad, free recipe from Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver

Ricotta fritters

Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals: Ricotta fritters with tomato sauce & courgette(zucchini) salad (great for vegetarian meal)

Green curry, crispy chicken, kimchee slaw, rice noodles

Fish cakes

Fish cakes - Jamie Oliver Not only do homemade fish cakes taste miles better than shop-bought ones, but if you make your own you know exactly what goes in them. Use GF flour for dusting

Taglierini with a simple sweet tomato sauce and shrimps

Potatoes, mozzarella, rosemary, thyme and tomato pizza topping

Tapas feast: tortilla, glazed chorizo, manchego cheese, cured meats & honey, stuffed peppers, rolled anchovies

Tapas Feast: Tortilla, Glazed Chorizo, Manchego Cheese, Cured Meats & Honey, Stuffed Peppers and Rolled Anchovies - Jamie Oliver

Sweet cherry tomato and sausage bake

Basic pizza

A simple pizza dough recipe, ideal for those who have never made dough before – learn how to make delicious pizza using Jamie's basic pizza dough recipe.

Tagliatelle with asparagus and tomato

Meatless Monday with Jamie Oliver’s Tagliatelle with The Greatest Ever Tomato Sauce for Food Revolution Day

Smoked salmon & avocado salad

Smoked salmon & avocado salad A perfect combo of flavours and textures Soft, creamy and crunchy meet sweet and tangy – this avocado salad.

Quick steamed treacle pudding

Jamie's quick steamed treacle pudding recipe makes a super-quick but beautifully sticky dessert; serve with cream or custard for an extra special dessert.