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two pieces of metal sitting next to each other on a white surface with one piece missing
Kafolda : Foldable Spoon by Gordon Adler - Tuvie Design
Fold-able spoon Gordon Adler
two pieces of paper sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white bowl
a candle holder shaped like an egg with a lit candle in the center on a white background
Sophisticated Furnishings and Globally Crafted Furniture
<p><span>A morrocan candle holder available in an Antique Copper and Copper Leaf finish.The style is sure to complement any bedroom, dining room or living room.</span></p>
a white plate that is sitting on a table
Sidsel Dorf-Jensen’s honecombed, hollowware, shows a purity of the material, silver. She lives in Denmark. See Blogroll for a link to her site.
a green bowl sitting on top of a blue mat next to a wooden tablecloth
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Made In Japan Ikebana Vase Set Of 2 Ceramics Vase 60mm | Etsy
three white bowls sitting side by side on a gray surface with one empty bowl in the middle
AP 3D | Art with Ms. Long
slab built bowls
a white plate sitting on top of a table next to a gray wall and floor Ulla + Martin Kaufmann: Different from
By Ulla + Martin Kaufmann.
a wooden bowl sitting on top of a table
Hand Forged Designer Art Jewelry in Silver and Gold by Kaelin Design
Hand forged copper display bowl