On this pin you see the god Vishnu. This is a god that appears in many shapes. He is usually showed with a blue skin color, he has four arms and he drives on a snake Shesha (to rest) and the bird Garuda (for transport). Vishnu guards the world and intervenes when something dangerous happens.

I hope to appreciate and understand Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Universe, and expand my perspecives and knowledge.

HiNDU GOD: Lord Narsinmha

Hare Krishna everyone, Finally, after very long hours of digital painting, the final image has surfaced for your pleasure. Digi Paint: Narasimha Pillar Break Part 1

Divine Avatars of God Shri Maha Vishnu

Dashavatar / Dasavatharam (in Tamil) / Dashavatara refers to the Ten manifestations (Avatars) of Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu taken during various Yugas or Eras.

RAMA Concept Art, Arpit Pandey on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/rama

Lord Ram… I blame Lord Rama and Robin Hood for my obsession with archery.

indian_hindu_god_lord_siva_natarajar_krishna_vishnu_kanna_thanjavur_arts_drawing_vector_cliparts.jpg (466×650)

indian_hindu_god_lord_siva_natarajar_krishna_vishnu_kanna_thanjavur_arts_drawing_vector_cliparts.jpg (466×650)

Durga ~ Reawaken the Remembrance

With her fierce lion as her carrier, Goddess Durga (Mahadevi) rode towards the lair of Mahishasura. After 9 days of continuous battle the demon was finally beaten. Thus, Mahadevi also came to be known as ‘Mahishasura Mardhini’ – the slayer of Mahishasura.