Bhavana Vishwanath

Bhavana Vishwanath

Bhavana Vishwanath
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Gift a beautiful willow tree inside a unique pop up card. Perfect for any occasion, this paper art will stand out from the rest. #spreadthelove

The green cover of this anniversary pop-up card features a laser-cut illustration of a beautiful silhouette of a willow tree in a rolling meadow at sunset. Open the Willow Tree Card to reveal an intri

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Square root worksheets: Find the square root of whole numbers, fractions and decimals; Square root charts for teachers and homeschooling

This page includes printable square root charts; square root worksheets for perfect square numbers, fractions and decimals; simplifying surds and more.

Try out this worksheet on squares and square roots!

Try this math worksheet all about squares and square roots! Cut out the squares and square roots at the bottom of the page and glue them next to the equivalent number.