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Just had my first, share your story in the comments - Horror
the color of a meter and its chemical composition
Why do meteors glow in vibrant colors?
someone is holding an alarm clock in their hand and the caption reads, if you stopped
But... But.. - Science & Tech
an astronaut standing in the water with two other astronauts behind him and text that reads, in interstelar on the water planet, the music in the background has prominent
In Interstellar...
In Interstellar...
the medical symbol is shown in this graphic above it's caption for an article
Meaning of medical logo
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an info sheet with different types of fireworks in the sky and on top of each other
Chemistry Of Fireworks
the human eye can only see between 350 - 707hz our ears can only defect sound
That is why you can't find the thing that was just in your hand, it exists on the spectrum edge of sight - Imgur
the sun tells the time the moon tells the day the stars tell the month we live inside the most beautiful clock ever made
The sun tells the time The moon tells the day The stars tell the month We live inside the most beautiful clock ever made - iFunny
there are many different garages and their names on the sign that says, where it all started
[Image] Bigger
[Image] Bigger - GetMotivated
two different views of the earth with text that reads, after 10 million years, a new ocean will form in africa
an image of a whale in the ocean with caption that reads, when bream whales need to nap, they
When sperm whales need a nap, they take a deep breath, dive down about 45 feet and arrange themselves into perfectly-level, vertical patterns. They sleep sound and still for up to two hours at a time between breaths, in pods of 5 or 6 whales, presumably for protection. No one knew whales slept vertically until a 2008 study documented the behavior. And no one captured really good photography of it in the wild until 2017. French photographer Stephane Granzotto was documenting sperm whales in the Mediterranean for his book on the creatures when he came across these sleeping whales. - iFunny
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