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Happy birthday Harry’s security In Tokyo, Japan May 14, 2018

Happy birthday Harry’s security In Tokyo, Japan May 14, 2018

I dont know why but Louis' tiny little hand not managing to fit an iPhone 6 in it makes me want to coo at him...

Harry's hands would absolutely swallow mine. I know bc I have an iPhone and my hands are significantly smaller than even Louis'.

One direction

This is the wonderfully stupid harry edward styles we all fell in love with for one to many reasons.<<< Oh Harry.


I am the biggest Directioner in my school as well! I was the only one who supported One Direction from the beginning in my city/town and school!

Whenever I play one direction I'm the car my mom starts humming and tapping her fingers on the wheel and I'm like hehe

im proud to say my mom and dad (mostly my dad) can sing one direction songs. my dad particulary knows all the words to little black dress, and knew what song it was by the first few seconds.

This actually isn't true! It was denied by the phelps twins in an interview, and Emma Watson.

Daniel Radcliffe on Fred's death scene. I think quotes about Fred and George and the actors reactions to playing out this scene are one of the reasons why I finally gave in and let my bff convince me to read the books/watch the movies.