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3d, Leopard, Abrams, Model Kit, Tank, Armour, Weapon, Armor, Leopard Tank
Models, Model Railway, Car Detailing, Armored Fighting Vehicle, Scale
an assortment of strange looking objects sitting on the ground
the underside of a large truck parked in a parking lot
a close up view of the side of a large metal object in the blue sky
an old boat is sitting in the garage
Mech, Half, Army
a close up of a large metal object on a truck
the back end of a large truck with metal parts on it's tires and wheels
Military Vehicles, Tanks Military, Machine Design
an engine is shown on a black background
AGT 1500 turbine tank engine
a toy tank is sitting on a table
an army vehicle with four binoculars mounted on it's side
Diy, Tech, War Machine, Mechanic