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I wish I fully had your love that came with the support a Queen should want to provide for her king. -woman** her**

Every man needs a good woman when his life is a mess because, just like in a game of chess, the Queen protects the King.

Here�s The Beautiful Detail In "Notting Hill" You Probably Missed

Here’s The Beautiful Detail In "Notting Hill" You Probably Missed

Good morning sweets :* I love you. I miss you. I hope I get to see you today.

June so you know. I love you. I miss you. I’m thinking about you. Went to the pool but didn't see you there. Saw your kids! Got the schedule and I will probably do a monthly family pass.

Here will present you several Creative DIY ideas that will inspire your imagination and motivate you to do something for yourself. You can also involve your children and tell us how it turned out.

bicycle made from buttons and paperclips. Glue magnets to the buttons for the fridge. This would be great geocaching swag for anyone who goes caching on a bicycle!