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Mahesh Shantaram, is one of the most in-demand premier wedding photographer in India.His Prestigious accolades include 3rd place in the Sony World Photography Awards, 2011 and much more
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What sets Mahesh Shantaram is out of the crowd? While most of us perceive a professional photographer as a serious individual with some technologically advanced equipments, busy taking snaps all the time, it is not so in case of Mahesh. Probably for the first time, here you got a person who breaks the conventional. Mahesh is one rare kind of a guy who has proven that excellence does not come through apparatus or high-tech cameras, but it comes from heart. You can actually spot his…

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Mahesh Shantaram – Candid Clicks for the most Picturesque Wedding Photography! There was a time when booking a wedding photographer was just another ‘tick mark’ in the to-do list. But the scenario looks entirely changed now as weddings have got more eventful than ever and wedding photography has become more of a connoisseur’s area than a customary task. And this noteworthy shift in perspective towards wedding photography has been brought about by two prime factors – increased…

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What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding photographers just getting started? Everything you learnt about the business of wedding photography – throw it out the window. You are not a photographer. You are an active participant. A friend. Part of the family. At the end of the day, you will go home with a story to tell. That story is about why the world must care about these two people. Contracts don’t matter. How much you’re getting paid doesn’t…

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Tell us a bit about yourself and your company Playful by nature, and yet very serious about what I do, I’ve found my voice in photography. I create images that sing. I am one of the pioneers of the candid wedding photography movement in India. I’m known for my approach to telling wedding stories driven by moments of surprise, drama, and intrigue.

Exclusiveness in the Signature Wedding Photo Book Signature Wedding Photo Book adds exclusivity to Mahesh’s work and to make this possible, he has the vividness of Vidya Rao – his associate and the photo book design expert! On one hand, it is Mahesh’s distinctive style and versatility that brings life to every wedding snap, while on the other, it is Vidya’s proficiency to carve the signature wedding photo book which carries the very essence of wedding--

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