Brickhouse Restoration

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there are many tools on the shelf in this room that is being worked on by someone
“I put the finishing touches on my french cleat air tool rack that uses old and worn out quick disconnect couplers. I have a few more tools I still need to…”
there are many different tools in the storage compartment on this shelf, including drillers and screwdrivers
Tool organizer
there are four white cups on the counter
Job site trailers, show off your set ups!
Job Site Trailers, Show Off Your Set Ups! - Page 67 - Tools & Equipment - Contractor Talk:
the inside of a trailer with shelves and wheels
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the inside of a storage unit with tools in it
#3 of 8 BEST PLANNED WORK TRAILER. Starting at the top: plumbing toolbox, next Dewalt toolbox for demolition, next bags with cordless jig saw, drills, circular saw, multitool, etc, next, general toolbox with hammer and driver drill, drill and spade bits, chisels, hammer, shears,etc. Bottom bin: saw stand, coping saws, squares. Keep a note pad to list supplies as they are depleted.van organization.
the garage organization tips are organized and ready to be used in any type of storage area
#6 of 8 BEST PLANNED WORK TRAILER. Each bin is grouped for a category of hardware or fasteners such as DECK SCREWS (all sizes), CABINET (pocket hole, 2-1/2" cabinet, 5/8" drawer screws, etc.) PLUMBING, ANCHORS BLUM hinges, ROOFING NAILS , etc. I've seen guys use individual cups or jars for each screw or nail, but that keeps you running back to the trailer with a hand full of jars. Mobile tool storage. van organization.