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A MUGHAL-STYLE WHITE JADE INSET COMPARTMENTED BOX AND COVER 18TH/19TH CENTURY The shallow box is of lobed floral form with the interior divided into six compartments. The cover is of a similar shape surmounted by a bud finial. Both sections are inset with semi-precious red and green stones within gold wire depicting flowers.


Flask Place of creation: India Date: 17th century Epoch. Period: Great Mogul Dynasty Material: gold, uncut diamonds, rubies and emeralds Dimension: h. 26 cm Inventory Number: Hermitage, VЗ-714

Flask from 17th century India. Great Mogul Dynasty; in Gold, silver, rubies, emeralds and pearls. Source of Entry: presented by the Ambassadorial Mission of Iranian ruler Nadir-Shah to the Russian Imperial Court, 1741

Jewelled Mughal rosewater bottle.The lower part of a rose water bottle on display at an exhibition in Amsterdam but from the permanent collection at the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

The nizam's museum- AFTABA.. . it is filled with water and used to wash hands after a meal.