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Billi Taps - pure and invigorating filtered water

Invigorating, awesome tasting, pure and refreshing, health giving, clear as crystal, energizing, hydrating filtered drinking water. Delivered by the world's largest range of sleek, stylish, instant boiling and chilled dispenser taps.
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The Quadra range blends elegant style, futuristic design and cutting-edge technology, meeting green building requirements, disability access and ergonomic design imperatives. Simply the world’s premium drinking water systems! #billi #billitaps #interiordesign #design #innovation #madeinaustralia #top


Our taps look great in-situ and here is a black finish dispenser over a black drainage font that is installed at HLW Architects. Sadly water only - we don't have one for dispensing the wine - yet...#chooseyourfavourite #billitaps #interiordesign #design #innovation


Here is a shot of one of the fabulous Hachette teapoints. The user is dispensing from the brushed chrome XT Touch Tap with the matching Billi sink mixer tap to the left of the picture. This setup provides boiling and chilled over the font, with hot and ambient over the sink - and, thanks to the Billi patented HeatCell technology, all from one single undercounter unit and just one 13a power supply! #chooseyourfavourite #billitaps #interiordesign #design #innovation


Quadra Plus... with the innovative XL Lever Tap version which combines style with DDA compliance. Now available in a number of finishes and colours. #chooseyourfavourite #billitaps #interiordesign #design #innovation


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It’s true what they say, good things really do come in small packages. We’ve provided the lowdown on the technology that brings you your Billi tap here.

Many thanks to Ogilvy and Mather for allowing us to shoot this stunning scene from one of their teapoint areas. Note the Billi Quadra XL tap in the left of the image. One of the many installed in Sea Containers House! #ourclients #billitaps #interiordesign #design #innovation