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Bilzebub Artwork

Pics of my own artwork, created in Poser and Lightwave 3D with post processing in PSP.
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The Boneclaw in 3D! Models rendered in Poser, Anaglyph created in PSP. I take no credit for the modelling, only for the composition and anaglyph processing.


2010 New Dalek Paradigm Set. Original Poser 3D model creator unknown. OBJ conversion to LWO and surfacing/texturing by me. If you are the creator of the original model, let me know and credit will be applied.


The Boneclaw Wall Painting! Models rendered in Poser, snow and brick texture added in Post Production in PSP. I take no credit for modelling, only for composition and effects.

The original Zombie texture for Poser's Victoria, downloaded from a now-defunct website, is shown at the far left, and the finished result at the far right. The images in between represent the re-working I had to do to get the look I wanted.

An experminent in Photo Manipulation. The original Image on the left by SF-Stock (, the manipulated image on the right by me. The skin condition was rendered in Lightwave 3D to get the 3D crusty look, everything else was done in PSP and used somewhere around 5 different layers. I'm so glad she approved!

A dead landscape seen in a nightmare I had years ago. Rendered in Bryce.

An experiment in Stereographics (if that is even a word!). Anaglyph spheres rendered in front of a 2D backgound of a Tokyo street scene.

Which way? Up, down, left or right? Modelled and Rendered in Lightwave 3D, Anaglyph created in PSP.