Chanel diamond cuff

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Best Diamond Bracelets : Chanel Diamond Cuff Bracelet, Precious…VERY precious! Hmm…wonder who owns ones of these!

Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet by Paul Flato

Art Deco sapphire and diamond Bracelet by Paul Flato. Designed as an openwork rectangular-cut sapphire and diamond bricklink band, mounted i.

Cellini Jewelers

Cellini Jewelers Ruby and Diamond Bracelet bracelet of marquise-shape rubies, in clusters of forming circles with a round brilliant-cut diamond at each center, in a pattern with diamonds as connectors; in rose gold.

Lady's Platinum, Diamond And Sapphire-Set Bracelet Watch With Concealed Dial   c. 1955   -   Sotheby's

Best Diamond Bracelets : Rolex lady's platinum diamond and sapphire-set bracelet watch with concealed dial, -

Bracelet - white gold, lavender amethysts, brilliants.  Philippe Gontier © Cartier 2012

Tendance Bracelets – 1 Bracelet white gold and amethysts Cartier Joaillier Star de la Biennale de… Tendance & idée Bracelets Description 1 Bracelet white gold and amethysts Cartier.

Alexandre Reza

Exceptional Gold, Emerald & Diamond “Trembleur” Suite, Alexandre Reza expertly executed emerald suite: necklace features 3 emeralds of carats, 30 flawless pear-shaped diamonds & 135 additional diamonds. Bracelet composed of emerald of carats