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Global Steel Architectures

Global structural steel architectures created by renowned contractors whose architectural skills never cease to amaze us.
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#BurjAlArab- Dubai The construction and structural design of Burj Al Arab was done by Eversendai which has also designed Biowonder. The hotel is constructed using a total of 12000 tons of structural steelwork while approximately 90 per cent of the steel structures, such as exoskeleton rear leg, horizontal and diagonal grids, rear brace frame, helipad, sky restaurant, atrium and mast are created outside the building.

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#CCTVHeadquarter- Beijing China The contractor of CCTV headquarters, Beijing China was China State Construction and Engineering Corporation. It contains two L-shaped towers. The angle at which they are joined together at the top and the bottom forms a loop (termed as a cross-on Z). It is spread over an area of approximately 473,000 square meters.

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#CapitalGateTower– Abu Dhabi The contractor of Capital Gate tower, Abu Dhabi was Al Habtoor Engineering Enterprises. The structure is supported by a total of 490 foundation piles driven 20 to 30 meters underground and contains 8,250 steel diagrids that are all different in terms of thickness, length and orientation.

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#MarinaBaySands- Singapore The contractor of Marina Bay Sands was Ssangyong Engineering and Construction. The 12,400 square meters SkyPark at the Marina Bay Sands was created using 7,000 tons of steel while the hallmark of the place, Crystal Pavilions used 650 tons of structural and architectural steel.

#Biowonder - Kolkata The contractor of Biowonder is Eversendai.The superstructure is of reinforced concrete and steel. Resistance to earthquake and wind forces has been incorporated through diagonal steel bracings and steel virendeel girders. The usage of high-value transmission glass having low conductivity to solar heat and high tolerance to ultraviolet rays allow sufficient daylight and meet the requirements of LEED building certification.