Continual lethargy may be linked to the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and calls for a serious look into workplace design rather than employee character. The answer lies in constructing buildings that protect the health of its occupants through multiple, natural ways, for example, improved air quality and lower storm water runoff. The centrally located business district of Kolkata houses one such building: Biowonder, which has workspaces saying a definite NO to SBS. #Biowonder #Biophilic

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Workspaces with fresh air and light are what employers require to ensure the good health and corresponding work efficiency of their employees. Ignorance about this fact can lead to the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). Efficiency goes down the drain with sick employees (sore throats + persistent cough + tiredness + headache + joint pain). Biowonder with its naturally lit workspaces abundant in fresh, cool air ensures that SBS does not see the light of the day. #Biowonder #Biophilic

Appalling and disturbing, it takes away the health, the energy and the zest to work efficiently. A condition affecting office workers, the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) gives rises to unwanted health issues. Attributed to a scourge of stressful factors, such as poor ventilation, SBS is the major reason behind employees showing low productivity. #Biowonder #Biophilic #SickBuildingSyndrome #Kolkata #Healthy #FreshAir #Light #Work #Employee #Sick #Illness

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