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WordPress database stores all of your website content. This includes website settings, theme settings, and plugin settings, blog posts, pages, comments, and custom post types such as links, form entries, and portfolio items. A bloating database can affect the overall performance of your website. Ranking depends on the loading speed of your website. That is why caching and database optimization techniques are so important for your website’s future.


Caching and Database Optimization Techniques to Speed Up WordPress - Techno Wrapper

Blogging is not only about your writing skills. It is just a part of your blog. You need to do a lot of work away from the actual writing work. From SEO to social promotion, everything is needed for a successful blog. In this post, I’m going to tell you about 11 things that you should consider as soon as you start a blog.


New to Blogging? 11 Things To Consider Before First Post - Techno Wrapper

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Every day millions of queries are made on Google about Blogging. You will be surprised to hear the top queries about Blogging.


4 Queries Google is Tired of Answering About Blogging - Techno Wrapper

Everyone learns from previous mistakes. Sometimes people learn from sharing of other's mistakes too. 20 most common WordPress mistakes done by many blogger.

20 Common Wordpress Mistakes to Avoid - Techno Wrapper

wp_commentmeta : Reduce Huge Database Size Caused by Akismet

Reduce Huge Database Size Caused by Akismet - Techno Wrapper