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a white cake with a green truck on top
Pimp your Cake - ziemlich einfach und so schön! - Littleyears
a white plate topped with cookies covered in frosting and dried flowers on top of it
These Floral Shortbread Cookies Are The Prettiest Things You'll Ever Put In Your Body
a pan filled with vegetables on top of a table
Beautiful works of edible bread art
a cake made to look like a vegetable garden
a cake that has been decorated to look like a farm scene with a tractor on it
a birthday cake with white frosting and two candles
How to make a rose cake
Rose Cake with step-by-step photos via Bakers Royale @Sara Baker Royale | Naomi
1h 35m
a chocolate cake covered in lots of balls on top of a cooling rack with one slice taken out
Homemade Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake
malted cake-loves great! must try :)
there is a piece of cake on the plate and another slice has been taken out
Mint Chocolate Chip Cake - Lemon Sugar
Mint Chocolate Chip Cake
a cake decorated with flowers and piano keys