Skeleton bracelet

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geometry blossom ネックレス【薄ピンク】

ネックレスのチェーンの長さを変更できるようになりました【※変更には追加料金がかかります・通常は40cmチェーンとなります】詳細は作品説明下部と画像をご覧ください+‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥+ご注文の前に必ずプロフィール欄の注意事項と 作品ページの説明文をご覧ください+‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥+しかく・さんかく・平面・立体…ゴールドカラーのトライアングルパーツとキューブ状のガラスを組み合わせましたこちらは薄いピンク色のガラスを使用したものになります 角度によって三角モチーフのゴールドカラーがガラスに映り込みキラキラ輝きますモチーフサイズ: 約9mm入荷ロットにより色・ガラスサイズに少々差がございます個包装されずまとめて仕入れるためガラス同士が擦れできた傷や欠けがあるものもございます◆◆◆チェーンの長さ変更について◆◆◆ 通常は40cmのチェーンとなります+100円で ◆40cmチェーン+5cmアジャスター(留め具のみ変更) ◆50cmチェーン(長さのみ変更) どちらかへ変更承ります…

Rose Gold Tiara Circlet with Rock Crystal & Swarovski Crystal | Etsy

Wonderful celtic elven inspired headpiece with Swarovski crystals and rock crystal gemstone. Made with pure non tarnish copper which is almost identical in colour to rose gold and designed be worn over the forehead or on the hairline, this lovely unusual piece is perfect for almost any occasion. The

Red crown~Royal set~Drop earrings~Red crown of crystals~Red black crown~

Magical chic crown in black red color. Stunning chic crown with red crystal. This crown possess such unique beauty and really stand out and make you look and feel like an absolute princess. Will give a fairy tale princess to your hairstyle for your wonderful day

Silver Wolf Ring for Men and Women 925 Sterling Silver Wolf | Etsy

▪️ Made to order: handling time is 5-8 business days. ▪️ Weight: about 22 grams (0.77 ounces) ▪️ The ring has a unique design of a wolf's head with gnashing fangs. Superb detailing! Made of the real 925 sterling silver but there is no stamp on the ring because it's a handmade item from my small workshop. ▪️ This is an authentic ring, not a cheap replica.

Are We More Than Just Friend's? (Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste X Reader)

Hi, this is my first story. (Y/N) and Adrien has always been friends. (Y/N) has a kwami name , Snowflake or Snow for short, Snow love Hershey's Cookies'n'Creme.Snow is a white wolf.When (Y/N) was in 4th grade she move to (Y/H/T), Adrien was sad because she was his first love.

Men's paracord bracelet "Wolf"

Paracord bracelet "Wolf" with bronze wolf clasp. --- IMPORTANT! When you choosing the size of the bracelet, you specify the size of the wrist in circumference. --- This product is handmade, the appearance may differ from the photo. Please note that all monitors, tablets and mobile phones have different color rendition of the screen. The hue and tone of the color of the photo product on your screen may differ from the original color and shade of the product.

Where stories live

Nova Swan is returning to the one place she ever considered home which is Forks Washington with her father, her mother...

Wolverine Moon Pewter Necklace

Beware the full moon and the silver dagger.

Charms Retro Wolf head Infinite Knit Leather Bracelet Gift

Charms Retro Wolf head Infinite Knit Leather Bracelet Gift: Sports & Outdoors