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an office with white couches and wooden slats
Office Design | Office Fit Out
Cool meeting booth with wooden design feature for ad hoc meetings and collaboration sessions
three people are sitting on couches in an office with glass partitions to the wall
Confidential Client 01 Buildings 3, 4, 20, 22, 23, 24 – Studio O+A
Studio O+A #huddle #collaboration More
several people sitting on white couches in an open office space with computers and desks
Couches over conference rooms. Have you added us on Snapchat yet? by everlane on Instagram
an office with glass walls and people working on their laptops in the middle of the room
Vibrant Foods | Projeto de escritório corporativo, Escritórios corporativos, Arquitetura corporativa
Brainstorming wall that we could really use for our meetings and projects. Our white board is not nearly this big, but I wish it was!:
a man writing on the side of a wall next to lockers in an office building
SHED_StartupHall_Peanut Gallery | Office Snapshots
Startup Hall – Seattle Offices #Office #Chalkboard