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Kilts are sportswear.   Model: Jarrod Townsend (   Photo:

Kilts are sportswear. Model: Jarrod Townsend Love this kilt The structural approach involved form-finding bending-active timber laths in Kangaroo, connected at intersections to form a doubly curved shell. The final lath positions follow geodesic lines, making them simple to fabricate and assemble. Each lath was CNC cut from 6.5mm thick Finnish birch plywood laths that could achieve high curvature while maintaining desired strength.

This post describes the work of Ramboll Computational Design during the design and construction of the Ongreening Pavilion timber gridshell.


New Growth/Stratum Model a site-specific installation by Kendall Buster was created for Suyama Space in Seattle, Washington, an alternative space for experimental sculptural projects created by curator Beth Sellers. Most people talk about.