An Experimental Cosmic Art Religious Horror Film set in the fictional, tiny rural town of Kirkham, Iowa, in the 2000s 🩸 “Silvia’s Blood” is a film adaptation…
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P: Frames, Stills, The Film

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ptsd (2016) by julia fox
chloe cherry

P: Movie Poster Art Concepts

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S: Kirkham Iowa

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Wiederhoeft colección novias Primavera 2021 : Fiancee Bodas

C: The Angels

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C: Rick Fraser

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C: Silvia Gwyar

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♡: Like Mother Like Daughter

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♡: Cardboard Angel Wings

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♡: Boy Meets Blood

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C: Nicole “Cherry” Russel

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♡: Why the fuck does my life have to be radical?

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C: Donna Fraser

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Ashlyn Harris via instagram

C: Kathleen Reid

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S: Donna and Kathleen’s

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♡: American Lesbians From Nowhere Much

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C: Betty Gwyar

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C: Curtis Gwyar

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C: Nesta Gwyar

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♡: Love Like The Sun

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79. Your Own Home

♡: The Gwyar Family

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S: Gwyar Residence (mostly Silvia’s room)

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Damn gotta love a Butch. I second that emotion<3

C: Lynn Fraser

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♡: i don’t want my mother to be the villain of my story

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spring breakers (2012)

C: Kirkham Youth

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Unreleased, by Ethel Cain
Starting Over - song and lyrics by LSD and the Search for God
Blood Bitch - song and lyrics by Cocteau Twins


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