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Bloom Dekor is the first company in India to launch Designer Doors to complement your amazing interiors and give your outdoor an outstanding look! Choose Bloom Doors to give your entryway a stunning appeal of splendor and luxury. Take a look at our exquisite range of door models, only at

Rain, sand, wind, storm or noise – INDIA has withstood it all. Bloom doors – made to withstand all adversities. Hard to believe? See it for yourself!

With Bloom Doors, glamour starts right at your doorstep. Bedazzle your visitors with the unique designer collection of doors by Bloom.

With zero onsite-work, our doors come ready-to-install. Just pick the one which calls to you, and leave the rest to us!

We’ve got something for everyone. Visit us to know what’s in store for you

Elegance when combined with durability – spells Bloom Designer Doors. Just as true beauty never fades away with time, so will Bloom Doors stay just as strong and beautiful over time. Click below to browse through our range of doors:

A little spark might be all it takes to start a fire. Bloom brings you fire-resistant doors which can withstand fire, giving you ample amount of time to take the safety route. Available at all our showrooms; click below to have a look at our range.

Termites getting the better of your home furniture? Switch to Termite-Resistant Bloom Doors to get yourself a life-time of freedom from the little forces of nature. Come, visit our website to take a glance at our wide range of designer doors:

Keep fire out, safety in – only with Fire Resistant Doors from Bloom. Have a look at our wide range at our website:

Tired of having to raise your voices in office meetings to talk over the constant outside hubbub? Opt for Acoustic Doors from Bloom for your workspaces; visit our website to check out our extensive and stylish collection: