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a piece of paper with a drawing of a hat on it's back side
a drawing of a dress pattern on a piece of paper that is lined with graph paper
"Туфелька" одежда,обувь и аксессуары для кукол.. Запись со стены.
"Туфелька" одежда,обувь и аксессуары для кукол.
the front and back view of a doll's jacket, with measurements for it
Layza San-Martin
Layza San-Martin
a baby's outfit, shoes and teddy bear on a table
the sewing pattern for a doll's hoodie and pants is shown in blue
Sport suit for the Baboliy doll/ Спортивный костюм для куклы Баболи
Detailed sewing tutorial + pattern Подробный мастер-класс по пошиву +выкройка
the pattern for an apron is shown in black and white, with two rows of cut outs
Толстовка для куклы Дьюса Горгона из Monster High (Школа монстров)
pattern hoodies samoshveyke || Looks like this would fit MH guys but not girls. Will test.
I show you on this video how to making 2 - 3 years dress. Credits:@tugbaisler
an image of a shirt that is on the app, with instructions for how to sew
an open notebook with some drawings on it
Шьём одежду для Барби. Запись со стены.
Ура!!! Нашла группу единомышленников!!!.. | Шьём одежду для Барби | VK