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A monk sitting in mountains with a dog in mountains. The background has black mountains and a map showing the area in Tibet. The lower part of the ‪#‎illustration‬ has a dog jumping along with the building in the background. The building also has bushes and trees in the background. The colors used are soft and soothing to the eyes. The #illustration is done using a special technique of digital coloring.

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This is a scene illustrated in the night scene with a family sitting in open. The mood is very calm and composed. The characters are semi realistic and the colors used are bright and vibrant. The expression of the characters are complementing the scene. The background has a house in far distance along with tree in the sky line, with moon and start out there in the sky.

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Children book illustrator

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Two dogs on an adventure trip encounter a crab along the sea shore. The ‪#‎illustration‬ is done in digital medium using a special coloring technique which given an impression of water color. This is a special coloring technique. The background has sea and and the shore on one side. The waves have also been created using a combination of white and light blue color. The expression of dogs is uniquely illustrated.