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She is burning the belly fat!
Here are some quick ways to burn some belly bellies! For more tips and tricks, Please go the link! Happy fat Burning!
👌Decompression your back with this pose right at the comfort of your bed. Devine!
👌Decompression your back with this pose right at the comfort of your bed • 🎥 credit: masayoga Here are the 5 potential side effects after sciatic surgery: 1/ Numbness or tingling: It is common for patients to experience numbness or tingling in the affected leg or foot after sciatic surgery. This is typically due to temporary nerve damage caused by the surgery, and the symptoms usually improve over time. 2/ Weakness: Some patients may experience weakness in the leg or foot after sciatic surgery. This can be due to nerve damage or the natural healing process, and it may take several weeks or months for strength to fully return. 3/ Infection: As with any surgery, there is a risk of infection after sciatic surgery. Patients should monitor their incision site for signs of infection,
Quick Sciatica Relief!💥
Best ways to relieve sciatic pain before bed! • cc: @draliyavisram
Release your hip pain
Anyone who sits a lot can benefit from this stretch. It’s especially helpful if you struggle with sciatic nerve issues or you have a tight lower back due to stuck SI joints. This technique helps the deep hip rotator muscles, including the piriformis and super gemellus, relax and stabilize to alleviate pressure on your spine and/or SI joint(s). FOLLOW TO RELAX YOUR BODY! #mobility #sciaticarelief #selfcare #stretching
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BEST Exercises For Neck Pain and Stiffness - WORKS FAST!
💚Burn those calories off with this walking workout at home! 🔥🏡
Squat Benefits
exercise before bed time to slim legs fast
this is how much you need to walk to lose pound per day
This is how much you need to walk to lose 1 pound par day
Did you Try Puppy Pose for Upper Back Rounding