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Digging through Flickr the other day I came across the art of Tellas, a street artist from Italy. What I love about his work is the natural feeling of his work, which looks to be inspired by pieces…

Subwalk exterior painting wallpainting black and white geometric street art mural graphicsurgery diagonal

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Looking at the cavalcade of new Retna paintings for his “Hallelujah World Tour” New York debut, currently on display at a pop up shop in West Soho, you'll see

Urban by Papagrigoriou Greg and Simek - just dreaming here, but how cool would a staff collaboration be on a wall in the building? We each get a space. We need to make that building ours. teacher morale and team building.

Seikon's New Geometric Mural In Poland Hits All the Right Spots

Molly Rose Freeman's artist portfolio of organic, geometric work. She is Atlanta-based, working in murals, painting, drawing, design, light installation, video, and collage.